How and Why Taurus Seeks Revenge

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There is every good reason for understanding why Taurus is the sign of the Bull. Make no mistake a trait of this star sign is to love an argument, and in some perverse way, they seem to get enjoyment from it. This sign is depicted by a Bull for nothing and if pushed beyond their limits will react by charging into an argument just to make a point.

A person born under the sign of Taurus has many redeeming factors within their character. They are generally intelligent which makes them analytical as well as being very loyal and honest to not only family and friends but also strangers who show them respect. They tend to put up with a lot before breaking but when they do there is no turning back. The old adage, ’The worm will turn’ springs to mind when we think of Taurus.

Perfect Revenge of Taurus

The raging Bull inside a Taurus cannot be stopped easily once they have had their placid nature taken advantage of. There is never any forgetting about an incident, they will bear a grudge forever or until a situation is resolved. Once pushed beyond their limit there is no going back, and the feeling is like being registered in a ledger for a time to get even or inflict as much discomfort in return for the hurt inflicted on them.

Taurus is slow to trust in a new relationship, needing to have assurances that they are moving in the right direction. A Taurus is loyal and understanding and can always be called upon as a friend, and if anything ever-tolerant to trusted friends. But if that trust is abused and they suffer any hurt that is unforgiving they will be thinking of some form of revenge on the basis of ‘An eye for an eye’.

When wronged a Taurus is cold and calculating, mainly because their nature is so loyal and trusting. When they feel hurt they will make cautious, constructive plans, which will always be implemented even if it takes years to bring to fruition. The reason for this great degree of planning is to fit in with their loyal nature and to not only obtain the satisfaction of revenge but also to try to ensure the same scenario does not arise again.

On the other side of the coin, Taurus can be emotional depending on the situation. There is a built-in time delay within the character of Taurus which, if a hurt has been inflicted unintentionally gives time for an apology. If this situation occurs the way forward is through emotion by justifying the action. Taurus tends to dislike drama and most of all lack of honesty.

It is always best to stay on the right side of Taurus by being straightforward, and if you think you may have offended apologize, not grovel, and your actions will be treated with respect and returned loyalty. However, if you go out of your way to deceive you will never be forgiven. For more insights into getting a Taurean man to forgive you, you can read the answers on Yahoo answers, here.


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