Taurus Man in Marriage

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you have been in a relationship with a Taurus man and it is now developing into something more serious, you may be asking yourself ‘could Taurus male be husband material? Well, the good news is that generally, the male of this star sign scores highly, and when ready to commit will prove a dependable and faithful partner. Be prepared, however, the Taurus male will expect the same degree of loyalty and honesty from you.

When a Taurus male has committed to a relationship he tends to stamp a subconscious seal of ownership on his partner and is prone to extreme jealousy if he feels the security of the relationship is being invaded by forces that he has no control over. If he senses he is losing you he may become very difficult to please and very inflexible in discussing the root cause of a problem.

Taurus Husband

Due to his constant need for lifetime financial security, a Taurus husband will focus all of his efforts on working hard to save for the future by putting as much money as possible in the bank. He tends to be a person who will spoil you and himself with life’s little luxuries but will always be in control and not spend what he does not have.

Not known for being one of the most exciting partners, Taurus man is there for the long-term. What he may lack in fizz and glamour he makes up for in his easy-going nature, reliability, and the security he exudes to his partner of being able to overcome any problem that presents it’self. He will put all his efforts into maintaining a calm and controlled environment because he hates any unwanted disruption and is adverse to change.

Once committed into a relationship Taurus man will expect to be looked after and spoilt with all the home comforts that build the secure surroundings that he craves. The old adage ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ is very true with the Taurus male. To a certain extent, he is unable to live without his personal comforts, like a nice home with pleasant surroundings, and good food and drink to keep him well nourished.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Taurus Man in Fatherhood

The general indications with this sign point to the Taurus man being a very good father and depending on circumstances, a good stepfather as well. He has a down to earth attitude which children will find useful in learning how to face the world. Taurus man likes the luxuries that life has to offer and may be prone to spoiling the children, however because of his strong sense of security will not stand any nonsense.

The Taurus parent will love teaching his children the valuable practical skills that they will need in life as well as instill the importance of honesty, responsibility, and financial independence. Beware however that there may be some explosive moments as his stubborn-mindedness may have a bearing on rebellious teenagers as they mature.


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